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Wizard of Oz Costumes

Although the movie The Wizard of Oz was released more than seventy years ago, it has not stopped fascinating children and adults alike. The author of this story has created such wonderful characters and when adults wish to go down memory lane they tend to choose costumes from this story as it brings back fond childhood memories.

Present day children also adore this movie and they tend to “live” the characters and therefore many of them choose to emulate them by wearing a Halloween costume depicting their favourite character.

The firm favourites for children and adults alike are Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, Glinda the good witch or the bad witch and the Scarecrow.

Dorothy wears a blue gingham dress and compliments this by wearing blue ribbons in her hair as well. She wears sparkling red shoes that make a pretty splash of colour to create the right effect. The beauty of this character is that you could incorporate your little dog in the overall costume as Dorothy carries a small basket with a little dog called Toto in it where ever she goes. If you don’t want the responsibility of taking a live animal with you then you could replace it with a stuffed little black dog.

The easiest costume to make at home is the Cowardly Lion costume. Wear a leotard or jumpsuit that is the closest to the brown colour of a lion and add a long lion’s tail and mane to the costume and hey presto you have your costume made up. You could add a mask with a lions face painted on it to round off your costume or just opt for face paint to paint the lion’s features and whiskers directly onto your face.

The Scarecrow is relatively easy to make at home as well. Raid your closet and see if you have a brown or yellow flannel shirt and any colour pants together with a hat then take straw or rolled up newspaper and stuff it into the clothing and stick some straw into the hat. You need to paint your face with face paint to achieve the scarecrow look and don’t forget the red nose.

You need a silver outfit if you choose to go as the Tin Man so it would be prudent to hire or buy this costume as it is not likely that you will have something like that lying around the house, unless you want to wrap yourself in tin foil which is do able but you should wear a bodysuit underneath it to sew the tinfoil onto. The Tin Man wears an inverted funnel for a hat, his face needs to be painted silver with face paint and he carries an axe.

Glinda the good witch wears a light pink dress with a crown on her head and carries a wand, but the wicked witch wears a black and green dress with a black hat and a green face so the green face paint will have to be used to get the right effect. If you really want to look wicked then try and make your nose bigger by putting on a fake green nose. She uses a broomstick for transport.

These are all fun characters to portray and it would be a good idea to watch the movie again before you go to your Halloween party so that you may remain in character throughout the party.


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