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Halloween Costume Ideas

When you start searching around for Halloween costume ideas then you start realizing how creative people can be when they design costumes. There seems to be no limit on the various types of styles and themes you may use for the Halloween festival that is celebrated on the 31st October annually.

The costumes range from regal to risqué, from scary to silly and from homemade to hired and it will take some time to decide on a costume if you stroll through the costume hire shops or scroll through all the different websites that advertise there wares.

There are ready-made costumes for babies, toddlers, kids, teens, adult females and males and for plus sizes and it is suggested that you rather hire than buy if your budget is limited.

The most popular outfits for babies are the ones where you have the wrap around effect, as a baby still needs to be wrapped up warmly. The most popular are the pea in a pod and the red chili costumes. The toddlers may be dressed in little devil, ghost, Mini or Mickey Mouse costumes or cuddly animal costumes where the favourites are rabbits, dogs and cats.

The kids and teens have similar tastes and if you intend to hire costumes then the most popular are Hannah Montana, Avatar Neytiri, Pretty Witches, Tinkerbell and Supergirl for the girls. The boys prefer to imitate their action heroes and you will find many of them wearing Superman, Spiderman or Batman outfits, but after the Avatar movie many chose Jake Sully. The animal costumes, clowns and Disney characters are still old favourites where the girls choose Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy out of Oz and Snow White and the boys prefer Peter Pan, Dr Hook, Pirates, Dwarfs and the Mad Hatter.

The homemade costumes for the kids of all ages are fairly easy if you decide to use items such as sheets for ghosts and boxes where holes have been cut out for arms legs and head and painted to represent anything from their favourite cereal to a car. Use your imagination and come up with a great design for your kids.

The range of costumes for women are staggering and some of them are really quite splendid and depending on your body shape you could choose any costume in its sexier design if you are daring enough to show some bare flesh. The regal Queen of Hearts costume is a firm favourite for the plus size and the sexy spiced up version of it for the daring women. The other popular costumes are Lady GaGa, a green m&m costume, Avatar Neytiri, Nightmare Black Widow, Cat Woman, Poison Ivy and Alice in Wonderland. There are many sexy outfits to choose from in all the characters mentioned.

The men normally like to wear the scarier type of costumes and choose Frankenstein, Freddy Krueger, Count Dracula or scary masks with an axe protruding out of their skull and fake blood running down the entire outfit. The non-scary costumes chosen by men are Avatar Jack Sully, Batman, Kick Ass costume, Captain Jack Sparrow and the Joker costume.

Couples may dress up as Shrek and Fiona, Robin Hood and Maid Marion, king and queen, Romeo and Juliet, etc.

Whether you decide on a homemade costume where you may go as a banana, tree trunk, bunch of grapes or refrigerator made from a box or you decide to hire or buy a costume, be sure to consider the weather and the venue so that your are dressed appropriately.


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Good Halloween Costume Ideas

There are a lot of good Halloween costume ideas doing the rounds and if you are reading this article you must have been surfing the web to try and find something different to wear this year.

If you are invited to a theme party then you are limited to wear the costumes dictated by the theme, but nothing stops you from adding your own creative flair so that you stand out from the crown. Once you know what the theme of the Halloween party is going to be then try and study up on it by either watching the movie or reading the book or comic book so that you can choose the character you want to emulate and so that you know what is expected of that character and how to dress appropriately.

Many Halloween parties have movie or stage/musical shows as a theme because of the great music, the larger number of costumes to choose from and the fun atmosphere it creates. The movie Grease is very popular because of the 50’s look and the music from the same era; the clothes were very colourful and sexy in a natural way. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is also fantastic in view of the outrageous costumes and characters in the movie and the music throughout the movie.

If you are invited to a Halloween party that has an open theme then you could have great fun by designing your own unique costume by using everyday articles around the house. How about collecting newspapers and sticking them together with tape so that you may roll yourself into the newspaper (remember to cut holes for your arms) and then go to the party dressed as a newspaper. You can do the same with yellow felt and go as a banana just remember to paint those black/blown lines on the felt to look more authentic.

An excellent base to use for a homemade costume are big boxes as you can cut out holes for your arm, legs and neck and then design the box to represent anything you want to portray. For example an x-ray machine at an airport where you paint your skeleton on the front and back of the box so that it looks as if you have no clothes on in the area covered by the box but your normal clothes will show where the box does not cover your body. The lists are endless as you can paint a stove, refrigerator, computer, wash basket, etc and then add further decorations that are necessary with the required accessories. You may use a smaller box to cover your head to represent a TV and you could be a CNN reporter.

There are many costume hire shops and online hire or buy stores where you may obtain other professional costumes like the storybook characters: Alice in Wonderland, Goldilocks, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood or the action ladies like Cat Woman, Avatar Neytiri, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Then for the daring ladies who don’t mind showing a little bare flesh there are costumes like Lady GaGa, Playboy Bunnies, sexy French maids or the spiced up versions of the storybook characters where the dresses are shortened and made into figure hugging designs and finished off by wearing sexy fishnet stockings and either high heeled shoes or sexy boots.

The males could choose Freddie Krueger, Count Dracula, Ghosts, Batman, Spiderman, clowns, Santa Claus or the sexier costumes showing off their chest strong arms and muscled legs like a male striptease artist or the like.

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Men’s Halloween Costumes

Men’s Halloween costumes have come a long way over the years to the present day costumes and there are some fascinating costumes around for men to choose from for the Halloween festival.

In the past most men wore the traditional Halloween costumes, which were mainly the scary type of costumes like Frankenstein, Count Dracula, Ghosts, Devils, Wizards and other Gothic characters. Many men still wear these type of costumes, but the trend has moved into a new era where men dress as their sporting heroes, action heroes, movie stars, pop stars or any other popular people in the world.

The action heroes are very popular for the muscular well-built men who look good in the sexy tight fitting body suits of Spiderman, Superman and Batman. The “bad” characters are also popular and you see many, Captain Hook, Joker and Pirate costumes around.

The Avatar movie has inspired the Avatar Jake Sully costume and other movie character costumes are X-men, Kick Ass, Shrek and even Fred Flintstone. An all time favourite movie theme for Halloween is The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Dr. Frank-N-Furter the flamboyant transvestite scientist being the favourite, it goes without saying that Rocky Horror himself has a huge following too.

Men tend to experiment more with their Halloween costumes and use fake blood and other accessories like scary masks and weapons such as an axe or knife protruding from their skull or chest to complete the gory, scary character they want to portray.

The also tend to make homemade costumes out of boxes, construction paper and other items around the house to get a more unique appearance. They use their imagination and come up with real good ideas like designing their favourite beer can or bottle and wearing it as a costume. They are not afraid to wear costumes that calls for a bare chest or exposed legs and many of these designs are very funny because they would take a small gift wrapped box and cut holes to fit their legs and butt through that just covers their private parts and they would tie ribbons around their neck and go to a party as a gift.

There are different clown costumes to choose from like a fireman, policeman, dog trainer and many more.

If you are going to the Halloween party with a partner then you can look at hiring a couples costume like Batman and Cat Woman, Prince William and Kate, Romeo and Juliet and if you are plus size and your partner a sexy lady then you may consider going as Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

The plus size gents have a great range of costumes to choose from as there are many fuller bodied costumes like a Snowman, Santa Claus, Shrek, clowns, King Kong and Wizards.

If the plus size men have plus size partners they may also go as a couple and the great couples costumes are King and Queen, Shrek and Fiona, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus and even a clown couple.

It is suggested that you hire or buy your costume if you choose to go as someone well known to ensure that your look is authentic and that it looks professional, especially if you are invited to an up market Halloween party. There are many online hire stores or you could visit your local costume hire shop to order your costume well in advance.

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Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes

If you decide on the Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes you should strongly consider going as a group. There are so many interesting and colourful characters in the movie and depending on how many of your friends and family you can convince to join you, you could gather together the whole cast and cause a great stir when you arrive at the Halloween party.

There are seven male and three female main characters and some new characters known as Transylvanians who were introduced in the movie and were not present in the original play. It will be fun to arrange a get-together with a number of your close friends to view the movie and decide who should go as which character and what costumes to wear.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the 1975 adaptation of the British classic rock musical play on stage known as The Rocky Horror Show. The film has a mixture of B-movie horror films and some science fiction but portrays the lifestyles of gay and transgender people in a comedy setting.

This movie became so popular with the audience that they started dressing up as the characters when they went to see the movie and participated in the song and dance during the movie. This movie was watched over and over again by people who found it funny and entertaining at the same time. There were many Rocky Horror parties doing the rounds at the height of its popularity.

The main character is in the movie is Dr Frank-N-Furter who is a transvestite and a mad scientist who originated from Transsexual, Transylvania he is a very flambouyant character and the ultimate deceiver.

Janet Weiss a sweet but naïve young heroine and her recently engaged fiancé Brad Majors who portrays the hero in the movie and has the boy next door look, but is totally out of his element in this environment as he had never had any experience of transgender people.

Rif Raff is the handyman and Magenta’s brother and Magenta is the domestic worker in the castle.

Columbia (known as Little Nell) is a groupie and is a tap dancer. She acts as Frank’s lover, but was previously involved with Eddie who was an ex-delivery boy and Dr Scott’s nephew. Frank used part of Eddie’s brain when he created Rocky Horror.

Rocky Horror was a creation of Frank and was mute except when he sang, he was blond haired and very tanned.

Dr Everett Scott was a rival scientist to Frank-N-Furter and was also Janet and Brad’s science teacher but since employed by the Government to search for extraterrestrial life on earth.

The Transylvanians are the science fiction characters and appear throughout the movie.

Finally you have the movies narrator who is known as The Criminologist and he is the expert in criminology.

Now that you know all the main characters and after you have watched the movie (we bet you will end up watching it more than once it is still so good) you will realise that you have to hire the costumes instead of trying to make them up in order to maintain the high standard of dress as they appeared in the movie.

You are bound to have fun as a group, but if you cannot get together enough people you can still go as a couple in view of the fact that there are couples portrayed in the movie.


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Halloween Party Ideas

It is always difficult to come up with fresh ideas year in and year out for your Halloween party therefore we will try and give you some tips for your party this year. Remember you can never start too soon so even though it is not the 31st October yet, start planning for your party as soon as you can so that you will be fully prepared by the time the party is at hand.

If you have a limited budget then you can make many of the decorations and accessories at home and only buy or hire essentials to make your party successful.

When you plan your party beware of all the hazards involved when you light the candles in the hollowed out pumpkins, make sure that they are placed well away from the reach of small children and that there are no flammable materials close to the candles.

One of the first decisions you need to make is what theme you want your Halloween party to be. If you do not have children then you can go for an adult theme like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Moulin Rouge or a sexy outfit theme, there are so many themes to choose from, just make a decision and advise your guests when you invite them.

If you have toddlers it will be better to cater just for toddlers and their parents and then you could either have an open theme where all the young guests may arrive wearing any costume they choose or you may have a set theme where you state that it will be an Alice in Wonderland theme or Peter Pan or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, etc. This may be done when you send out the invitations so that the parents of your guests will know well in advance what is expected.

Once you have chosen the theme then you need to organize the décor so that your house or apartment sets the scene for the party and will create the correct atmosphere for your guests.

There are so many different decorations you can make, or buy or hire and depending on your budget and the type of party you are having, you may either encourage your youngsters to help with homemade decorations or if it is an adult party then invite your girlfriends for drinks and a decoration design and decoration making evening, which is much more fun than just going out and buying decorations.

Make sure that you buy your pumpkins well ahead of time so that you may hollow them out and decorate them according to your party theme. Of course you can also buy the imitation pumpkins and use them again in future when you have another party.

Choose the music for your Halloween party and transfer the songs onto your flash drive or mp3 player so that you have the right music for the occasion. If you arrange your music in this way you do not have to hire a DJ as you can play the music in random order through your own sound system. If you have a set theme party then ensure that your music matches your theme.

Decide on all the party games and party favours you are going to have and ensure that you have everything available on the night of your party. To get ideas for the games browse the web and pick those you feel is suitable for your party theme.


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Playboy Bunny Costumes

The Playboy bunny costumes are a bit naughty and should only be worn to adult Halloween parties and be sure to take a wrap with you because you could get cold if you wear this costume on 31st October in view of the fact that you will have a fair amount of bare flesh showing.

The males love to see female Playboy bunnies as to many of them it is the ultimate feminine beauty. The Playboy bunnies became very popular when they started appearing in various variations of bunny costumes in the magazine of the same name. Before choosing this costume we need to warn you that you may expect men to either pat or pinch your butt as they seemingly cannot resist the temptation, therefore do not take offence, but expect it.

The Playboy bunny costumes are designed to show off your assets in the best way and therefore the outfit is boned to lift up the bosoms to allow a more curvaceous look. You have a choice of colours for your Playboy bunny outfit with the best ones being pink, black, white or champagne beige.

You could make your own Playboy bunny outfit by choosing a leotard as your base and adding all the various accessories, but it is strongly recommended that your either hire or buy your outfit because it is not easy to get the same curvaceous effect if you do not have the boned garment.

The colour of the fishnet stockings will depend on the colour of your outfit therefore make sure that you buy the stockings that will look the best with your Playboy bunny costume, the more opaque they are the sexier the look.

Wear high heel shoes, around 3-4 inches in height and be sure to match the colour of your shoes to the colour of your costume. You may choose to add more zing to your costume by wearing shoes that are a different colour to the outfit so that your have a splash of colour that will draw the attention to your legs and feet. Remember there are lot of men around who admire women’s feet and legs.

A trademark of the Playboy bunny costume is the white cuffs and a matching white collar. A bow tie is attached to the collar and you could play around with colours here as well, you could match the bow tie with the colour of your shoes or you may go the traditional route and wear a black bow tie.

If you hire your Playboy bunny costume it will come with the bunny ears and the tail will already be attached. If you are making your own costume you could make your own bunny ears and tail, but it is suggested that you rather buy them at a thrift shop so that you are sure that they are the right shape and size. You don’t want to spoil the sexy look of your costume by having the wrong kind of ears and tail.

The Playboy bunny wears jewels that are very simple, but tasteful and they normally wear diamond style earrings no necklace as you already have a bow tie, but a diamond style ring may be worn.

When you apply your makeup you need to pay close attention to your eyes, as you need to accentuate them to make them alluring and sexy. The lipstick you choose should also accentuate your lips, try giving them that full sexy pouting look and add lip-gloss to finish off the entire sexy look you want to portray.


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Cheerleader Costume

Cheerleading costumes are worn by cheerleading squads whose function are that of cheering on their team whilst their sports team play football, basketball, rugby, etc, they encourage the spectators to cheer for their home team throughout the whole game.

Cheerleader costumes are very popular with girls as many of them yearned to be part of the in crowd and be a cheerleader or squad member at their school or college therefore by choosing this costume they can experience it for the first time.

If you were a cheerleader and you can still fit into your outfit then you have a ready-made costume for Halloween and all you need to do is to wash it to get rid of the mothballs and hey presto you are ready!

Should you need to start from scratch then you could follow these guidelines to make up your own cheerleader costume.

You will need a T-shirt, tank top or long-sleeved shirt and a short skirt in the same colour as that of your team choice, or if you are not going to imitate an existing team outfit then you may choose any colour that looks good on you.

The modern cheerleader outfits are made of a polyester blended fabric and many wear turtleneck bodysuits under the shirts if they have no sleeves.

Cut a team name, their mascot or the capital letter of the team’s name of your choice out of cardboard or construction paper and sew or stick it onto your shirt with tape.

Make your pom-poms out of construction paper of the correct colour to match your costume and remember to decorate a short stick to compliment your outfit as cheerleaders have sticks to use during their set routines.

All cheerleaders are very athletic and their routines are very active therefore you should wear athletic shoes or sneakers to give the correct appearance to your costume and remain in character.

A megaphone is very much a part of a cheerleader costume and you can make up an imitation one by rolling up a piece of paper into a cone shape and taping it together thereby representing a megaphone. Of course you could also hire or buy a real one to make it look more authentic.

If you would like to wear an outfit similar to the all-star cheerleaders then you will go for the sexy look and have a lot more bare flesh exposed than you would if you wear a school cheerleading costume.

The all-star cheerleading squads cater for the adult sports events and are therefore more sexy allowing their cheerleaders more leeway in the designs of their outfits therefore many of them leave sections of their uniform bare so that their shoulders are bare or part of their arms or their backs some even leave sections across the top of their chests bare.

They also wear shorter tops ending just under the bust and much shorter skirts to show much more leg. Skirts are worn over briefs and some teams decorate the briefs with dots, or stars. Some teams even allow the team logo to be sewn on the back or on the sides of the briefs.

You may wear ribbons or bows in your hair to match the colour of your costume.

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