Halloween Costume Ideas

When you start searching around for Halloween costume ideas then you start realizing how creative people can be when they design costumes. There seems to be no limit on the various types of styles and themes you may use for the Halloween festival that is celebrated on the 31st October annually.

The costumes range from regal to risqué, from scary to silly and from homemade to hired and it will take some time to decide on a costume if you stroll through the costume hire shops or scroll through all the different websites that advertise there wares.

There are ready-made costumes for babies, toddlers, kids, teens, adult females and males and for plus sizes and it is suggested that you rather hire than buy if your budget is limited.

The most popular outfits for babies are the ones where you have the wrap around effect, as a baby still needs to be wrapped up warmly. The most popular are the pea in a pod and the red chili costumes. The toddlers may be dressed in little devil, ghost, Mini or Mickey Mouse costumes or cuddly animal costumes where the favourites are rabbits, dogs and cats.

The kids and teens have similar tastes and if you intend to hire costumes then the most popular are Hannah Montana, Avatar Neytiri, Pretty Witches, Tinkerbell and Supergirl for the girls. The boys prefer to imitate their action heroes and you will find many of them wearing Superman, Spiderman or Batman outfits, but after the Avatar movie many chose Jake Sully. The animal costumes, clowns and Disney characters are still old favourites where the girls choose Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy out of Oz and Snow White and the boys prefer Peter Pan, Dr Hook, Pirates, Dwarfs and the Mad Hatter.

The homemade costumes for the kids of all ages are fairly easy if you decide to use items such as sheets for ghosts and boxes where holes have been cut out for arms legs and head and painted to represent anything from their favourite cereal to a car. Use your imagination and come up with a great design for your kids.

The range of costumes for women are staggering and some of them are really quite splendid and depending on your body shape you could choose any costume in its sexier design if you are daring enough to show some bare flesh. The regal Queen of Hearts costume is a firm favourite for the plus size and the sexy spiced up version of it for the daring women. The other popular costumes are Lady GaGa, a green m&m costume, Avatar Neytiri, Nightmare Black Widow, Cat Woman, Poison Ivy and Alice in Wonderland. There are many sexy outfits to choose from in all the characters mentioned.

The men normally like to wear the scarier type of costumes and choose Frankenstein, Freddy Krueger, Count Dracula or scary masks with an axe protruding out of their skull and fake blood running down the entire outfit. The non-scary costumes chosen by men are Avatar Jack Sully, Batman, Kick Ass costume, Captain Jack Sparrow and the Joker costume.

Couples may dress up as Shrek and Fiona, Robin Hood and Maid Marion, king and queen, Romeo and Juliet, etc.

Whether you decide on a homemade costume where you may go as a banana, tree trunk, bunch of grapes or refrigerator made from a box or you decide to hire or buy a costume, be sure to consider the weather and the venue so that your are dressed appropriately.


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