Good Halloween Costume Ideas

There are a lot of good Halloween costume ideas doing the rounds and if you are reading this article you must have been surfing the web to try and find something different to wear this year.

If you are invited to a theme party then you are limited to wear the costumes dictated by the theme, but nothing stops you from adding your own creative flair so that you stand out from the crown. Once you know what the theme of the Halloween party is going to be then try and study up on it by either watching the movie or reading the book or comic book so that you can choose the character you want to emulate and so that you know what is expected of that character and how to dress appropriately.

Many Halloween parties have movie or stage/musical shows as a theme because of the great music, the larger number of costumes to choose from and the fun atmosphere it creates. The movie Grease is very popular because of the 50’s look and the music from the same era; the clothes were very colourful and sexy in a natural way. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is also fantastic in view of the outrageous costumes and characters in the movie and the music throughout the movie.

If you are invited to a Halloween party that has an open theme then you could have great fun by designing your own unique costume by using everyday articles around the house. How about collecting newspapers and sticking them together with tape so that you may roll yourself into the newspaper (remember to cut holes for your arms) and then go to the party dressed as a newspaper. You can do the same with yellow felt and go as a banana just remember to paint those black/blown lines on the felt to look more authentic.

An excellent base to use for a homemade costume are big boxes as you can cut out holes for your arm, legs and neck and then design the box to represent anything you want to portray. For example an x-ray machine at an airport where you paint your skeleton on the front and back of the box so that it looks as if you have no clothes on in the area covered by the box but your normal clothes will show where the box does not cover your body. The lists are endless as you can paint a stove, refrigerator, computer, wash basket, etc and then add further decorations that are necessary with the required accessories. You may use a smaller box to cover your head to represent a TV and you could be a CNN reporter.

There are many costume hire shops and online hire or buy stores where you may obtain other professional costumes like the storybook characters: Alice in Wonderland, Goldilocks, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood or the action ladies like Cat Woman, Avatar Neytiri, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Then for the daring ladies who don’t mind showing a little bare flesh there are costumes like Lady GaGa, Playboy Bunnies, sexy French maids or the spiced up versions of the storybook characters where the dresses are shortened and made into figure hugging designs and finished off by wearing sexy fishnet stockings and either high heeled shoes or sexy boots.

The males could choose Freddie Krueger, Count Dracula, Ghosts, Batman, Spiderman, clowns, Santa Claus or the sexier costumes showing off their chest strong arms and muscled legs like a male striptease artist or the like.

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