Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes

If you decide on the Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes you should strongly consider going as a group. There are so many interesting and colourful characters in the movie and depending on how many of your friends and family you can convince to join you, you could gather together the whole cast and cause a great stir when you arrive at the Halloween party.

There are seven male and three female main characters and some new characters known as Transylvanians who were introduced in the movie and were not present in the original play. It will be fun to arrange a get-together with a number of your close friends to view the movie and decide who should go as which character and what costumes to wear.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the 1975 adaptation of the British classic rock musical play on stage known as The Rocky Horror Show. The film has a mixture of B-movie horror films and some science fiction but portrays the lifestyles of gay and transgender people in a comedy setting.

This movie became so popular with the audience that they started dressing up as the characters when they went to see the movie and participated in the song and dance during the movie. This movie was watched over and over again by people who found it funny and entertaining at the same time. There were many Rocky Horror parties doing the rounds at the height of its popularity.

The main character is in the movie is Dr Frank-N-Furter who is a transvestite and a mad scientist who originated from Transsexual, Transylvania he is a very flambouyant character and the ultimate deceiver.

Janet Weiss a sweet but naïve young heroine and her recently engaged fiancé Brad Majors who portrays the hero in the movie and has the boy next door look, but is totally out of his element in this environment as he had never had any experience of transgender people.

Rif Raff is the handyman and Magenta’s brother and Magenta is the domestic worker in the castle.

Columbia (known as Little Nell) is a groupie and is a tap dancer. She acts as Frank’s lover, but was previously involved with Eddie who was an ex-delivery boy and Dr Scott’s nephew. Frank used part of Eddie’s brain when he created Rocky Horror.

Rocky Horror was a creation of Frank and was mute except when he sang, he was blond haired and very tanned.

Dr Everett Scott was a rival scientist to Frank-N-Furter and was also Janet and Brad’s science teacher but since employed by the Government to search for extraterrestrial life on earth.

The Transylvanians are the science fiction characters and appear throughout the movie.

Finally you have the movies narrator who is known as The Criminologist and he is the expert in criminology.

Now that you know all the main characters and after you have watched the movie (we bet you will end up watching it more than once it is still so good) you will realise that you have to hire the costumes instead of trying to make them up in order to maintain the high standard of dress as they appeared in the movie.

You are bound to have fun as a group, but if you cannot get together enough people you can still go as a couple in view of the fact that there are couples portrayed in the movie.


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