Playboy Bunny Costumes

The Playboy bunny costumes are a bit naughty and should only be worn to adult Halloween parties and be sure to take a wrap with you because you could get cold if you wear this costume on 31st October in view of the fact that you will have a fair amount of bare flesh showing.

The males love to see female Playboy bunnies as to many of them it is the ultimate feminine beauty. The Playboy bunnies became very popular when they started appearing in various variations of bunny costumes in the magazine of the same name. Before choosing this costume we need to warn you that you may expect men to either pat or pinch your butt as they seemingly cannot resist the temptation, therefore do not take offence, but expect it.

The Playboy bunny costumes are designed to show off your assets in the best way and therefore the outfit is boned to lift up the bosoms to allow a more curvaceous look. You have a choice of colours for your Playboy bunny outfit with the best ones being pink, black, white or champagne beige.

You could make your own Playboy bunny outfit by choosing a leotard as your base and adding all the various accessories, but it is strongly recommended that your either hire or buy your outfit because it is not easy to get the same curvaceous effect if you do not have the boned garment.

The colour of the fishnet stockings will depend on the colour of your outfit therefore make sure that you buy the stockings that will look the best with your Playboy bunny costume, the more opaque they are the sexier the look.

Wear high heel shoes, around 3-4 inches in height and be sure to match the colour of your shoes to the colour of your costume. You may choose to add more zing to your costume by wearing shoes that are a different colour to the outfit so that your have a splash of colour that will draw the attention to your legs and feet. Remember there are lot of men around who admire women’s feet and legs.

A trademark of the Playboy bunny costume is the white cuffs and a matching white collar. A bow tie is attached to the collar and you could play around with colours here as well, you could match the bow tie with the colour of your shoes or you may go the traditional route and wear a black bow tie.

If you hire your Playboy bunny costume it will come with the bunny ears and the tail will already be attached. If you are making your own costume you could make your own bunny ears and tail, but it is suggested that you rather buy them at a thrift shop so that you are sure that they are the right shape and size. You don’t want to spoil the sexy look of your costume by having the wrong kind of ears and tail.

The Playboy bunny wears jewels that are very simple, but tasteful and they normally wear diamond style earrings no necklace as you already have a bow tie, but a diamond style ring may be worn.

When you apply your makeup you need to pay close attention to your eyes, as you need to accentuate them to make them alluring and sexy. The lipstick you choose should also accentuate your lips, try giving them that full sexy pouting look and add lip-gloss to finish off the entire sexy look you want to portray.


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