Cheerleader Costume

Cheerleading costumes are worn by cheerleading squads whose function are that of cheering on their team whilst their sports team play football, basketball, rugby, etc, they encourage the spectators to cheer for their home team throughout the whole game.

Cheerleader costumes are very popular with girls as many of them yearned to be part of the in crowd and be a cheerleader or squad member at their school or college therefore by choosing this costume they can experience it for the first time.

If you were a cheerleader and you can still fit into your outfit then you have a ready-made costume for Halloween and all you need to do is to wash it to get rid of the mothballs and hey presto you are ready!

Should you need to start from scratch then you could follow these guidelines to make up your own cheerleader costume.

You will need a T-shirt, tank top or long-sleeved shirt and a short skirt in the same colour as that of your team choice, or if you are not going to imitate an existing team outfit then you may choose any colour that looks good on you.

The modern cheerleader outfits are made of a polyester blended fabric and many wear turtleneck bodysuits under the shirts if they have no sleeves.

Cut a team name, their mascot or the capital letter of the team’s name of your choice out of cardboard or construction paper and sew or stick it onto your shirt with tape.

Make your pom-poms out of construction paper of the correct colour to match your costume and remember to decorate a short stick to compliment your outfit as cheerleaders have sticks to use during their set routines.

All cheerleaders are very athletic and their routines are very active therefore you should wear athletic shoes or sneakers to give the correct appearance to your costume and remain in character.

A megaphone is very much a part of a cheerleader costume and you can make up an imitation one by rolling up a piece of paper into a cone shape and taping it together thereby representing a megaphone. Of course you could also hire or buy a real one to make it look more authentic.

If you would like to wear an outfit similar to the all-star cheerleaders then you will go for the sexy look and have a lot more bare flesh exposed than you would if you wear a school cheerleading costume.

The all-star cheerleading squads cater for the adult sports events and are therefore more sexy allowing their cheerleaders more leeway in the designs of their outfits therefore many of them leave sections of their uniform bare so that their shoulders are bare or part of their arms or their backs some even leave sections across the top of their chests bare.

They also wear shorter tops ending just under the bust and much shorter skirts to show much more leg. Skirts are worn over briefs and some teams decorate the briefs with dots, or stars. Some teams even allow the team logo to be sewn on the back or on the sides of the briefs.

You may wear ribbons or bows in your hair to match the colour of your costume.

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