Poison Ivy Costume Ideas

The Poison Ivy costume is very popular with redheads who have lithe, athletic sexy bodies, because it is so easy to change into Poison Ivy for them.

Poison Ivy is one of the sexy female villains in the Batman movies and she has a very lethal kiss that she uses to poison her enemies. To accentuate her mouth she wears very bright red lipstick and it is recommended that you have your lipstick with you at all times while wearing this costume as you will be expected to do a lot of kissing throughout the evening.

This costume is very easy to make at home therefore you don’t have to spend a lot of money to hire or buy one. There are three items that have to be the same colour green and they are your leotard or bodysuit, your gloves and your fishnet stockings. It is suggested that you acquire all three these items in white and then place them together into a container and dye them the same green at the same time. She wears tall boots that have a two-toned green look to them and taking your old boots and spray-painting them with two different greens, one darker than the other could achieve this.

Now that you have the basics for your costume it is time to hunt for some ivy or fake leaves to decorate your body the same as Poison Ivy’s. If you are in a area where the normal non-toxic ivy grows then it is suggested that you cut long strands of ivy the day before or the same day as the Halloween party so that they are still green and flexible. Carefully cut off all the parts that may be sharp or rough because remember you will have to wear it close to your skin and you don’t want to be pricked or scratched.

Ask one of your friends to help you on the night of the party because you will create a very natural effect if someone could sew or stick the ivy on when you are already wearing your entire costume. The idea is to start at the bottom where your friend could firmly stick the ivy to the heels of your boots and then allow it to climb from the boots to the outside of your legs then around your lower hips around your waist and then up to your neckline through to your hair. If you have long wavy hair you will create the same effect as the original character. If you don’t have red hair you could wear a wig or dye your hair. The ivy must also climb along your arms and gloves therefore separate strands of ivy will need to be used for those.

It is important to have a good look at her makeup as she wears very garish makeup and long false eyelashes therefore try and find a photo of her online so that you ensure that your makeup is applied correctly.

Wear a choker necklace with ivy sewn onto it to draw attention to your neckline and complete the whole ivy effect that she achieves in the movies.

A final thought, try and encourage two of your friends to dress up in the costumes of the other two female villains, namely Cat Woman and Harley Quinn, allowing you all to attract a lot of attention at the party when you arrive.

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