Burlesque Costumes

Choosing to wear a burlesque costume to a fancy dress occasion needs a very confident, full of fun, sexy type of individual, who has a fair knowledge of burlesque literature and music, in order to carry this off successfully. Burlesque is all about glamour and the right attitude and you have to have a sense of drama to wear one of these risqué outfits convincingly.

The burlesque costume needs to be dramatic in order to cause the stir you want to create when you enter the room, therefore you need to have the confidence to be the sexy person who is willing to have fun and you will have to be prepared to handle the situations the costume may encourage from the opposite sex.

The dictionary defines burlesque as the purpose of deriding or amusing; caricature, parody; literary and dramatic work, variety show featuring comic striptease and that is why the person who chooses this costume has to have the confidence to show their body off.

Now, are you ready to learn more about how to assemble a burlesque costume? Take a deep breath and plunge into this old world era that has been spiced up somewhat for our new age confident Diva’s.

Bearing in mind why you have chosen a burlesque costume you must expect some startling accessories and make sure that the costume is made up with durability in mind to ensure that it withstands everything you are going to put it through whilst wearing it.

Study the different photographs of burlesque costumes on the Internet and then choose the style of the corset most suitable to the shape of your body. The corset is the most important part of the costume because you are going to accessorize everything else around the design and colour of the corset.

Now the “startling” parts of the costume! No burlesque costume is complete without pasties attached to it with either Velcro or any other type of adhesive gum. What are pasties? They are the small circular cups placed over the nipples and sometimes they have tassels attached to them so that the wearer may twirl the tassels when performing the comic striptease.

If you are brave enough the next item you need is the G-string, it is not mandatory but if you have the perfect butt then go for it! You may wear full bikini briefs, but if you want the “wow” factor then the G-string is a must when you reveal your derrière during your “act.”

Gloves are very much a part of the burlesque costume and it is essential that you have gloves that may be peeled off very easily in a sexy manner. The gloves are normally very elegant and extend quite a long way up your arms and some of them even have long fringes on them to create a more dramatic effect.

The shoes you decide on needs to be suitable for dancing and careful attention to detail is required to ensure that the shoes fit the era of the burlesque costume. Once again it is recommended that you conduct an Internet search study all the different designs you may choose from.

Try and view the 1974 play by Tom Stoppard called Travesties so that you may get a better idea of the various burlesque costumes and the music created by various composers.

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